Your Inner Whisper is Telling You to Fly

Sometimes, my husband laughs when I tell him about a new idea I have. I understand why. I have a lot of ideas! I’m a dreamer, and he’s the epitome of a realist. It can take him a month to decide on a pair of shoes to buy, and then once he decides, he’s perfectly happy waiting another 3 months until they go on sale. And then once he buys them, they could sit in his closet for years until the just-right time to wear them. True story.

I love my hubs, but let’s be honest. I buy a new pair of shoes and they’re practically on my feet as I’m walking out the door. I want to break ’em in, wear ’em out. I want to enjoy them!

It feels so easy to have a “seize the day” mentality with a pair of shoes because the stakes are so low.

But when it comes to the important parts of life, the stuff that really matters, I’m not always willing to “do,” to just wear the shoes. While I wholeheartedly embrace and subscribe to s.l.o.w.i.n.g down, I also believe that sometimes, we need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and do that thing which pulls at our heartstrings. Do I want to live more simply & slowly? Yes. Do I also wish I had more courage to just “do” – not all-the-things, but some-of-the-things? Yes. When it comes to the bucket-list things in life, I wonder, second-guess, settle, and wait. Instead of trying them on for fit, I store my dreams in the back of the closet until the just-right time.

We all know the saying, “Get your ducks in a row. ” You know the gist of it: get your act together before starting something new.

But the ducks will never be lined up. One of them stops. One of them waddles sideways. And one simply wants to fly.

I often focus on getting everything in exactly the right place before putting myself out there, on getting my ducks in a row. Who might I let down? What will others think of me? All the while, my heart whispers the truth. We all have an inner whisper, the one that tells us to forget about getting our act together – to start flying! We are meant to fly.

We protest,

“But I’m so comfortable here!” tweet

“I don’t have the energy to fly!” tweet

“I need a little more time!” tweet

But life keeps going, regardless of whether we’re ready or not. Life is what happens while we’re busy planning it.

I’m trying to listen to my whisper more often, but it’s hard, friends. “Slow down and do” is my whisper these days.

What’s yours? What’s that quiet voice in your heart asking of you?


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